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Dusty Roads captures the essence of Montana's skate parks through photography and stories from local skaters. In this book, readers will find a collection of 27 skate parks that I have personally skated and photographed over the last four years. By sharing my experiences, I hope to inspire readers to travel to the unknown parts of Montana to skate some new parks.


I have created a unique packaging solution for the book, featuring a handmade box with silkscreen art on the lid. Inside the box it includes digital, risograph, and silkscreen prints of photos and illustrations that are in the book.


In designing the book, I opted for a modern layout infused with abstract elements, such as handwritten quotes and illustrations, to capture the distinct styles of Montana's skaters and Western culture. This stylistic approach complements the book's content, making for a cohesive and visually pleasing reading experience.

All photographs featured in the book were taken by me using black and white film. This artistic choice enhances the beauty of the parks and captures their unique character in a captivating way.

PDF version of Book

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