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I find illustration to be a vital component of my creative process, as it allows me to seamlessly merge my artistic talent with my design work. This portfolio showcases my unique style of illustration and highlights the various ways in which it can be utilized. 


Featured here are several examples of my original illustrations, drawn from a range of design projects that best showcase my personal style.


The poster I have created is for the band Shit Kid, known for its unique blend of pop and punk music. Through careful selection of color and illustration, my design aims to accurately capture the band's distinctive style and sound.


During my internship with Caterpillar Apparel, I designed a skater-inspired graphic line, which included several playful cartoon designs to attract a younger audience.


This is a 4 layer silk-screened and risograph print, for print project dealing with activists art.


I had the opportunity to design album art for my friend's metal band, as well as create posters for their shows.

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